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Do you want to make professional-looking news report videos and upload them to social media platforms? Do you want to add text banners, stickers, images, audio, sound effects and more, to your newscast videos and video intros? Then VEED is the place for you

News Video Maker
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Make News Videos

With VEED, you can create professional-looking news broadcast videos in a matter of minutes. All online, no software to download


Add attention-grabbing headlines to your news videos, text banners to your video intros, and more, with VEED

Breaking News

VEED is so easy and quick to use that you’ll never be behind the times. Get your news videos out quickly, with VEED

International, Local, Sports

Whether you’re covering international headlines, local news, or sports, leisure and lifestyle, VEED has got the video editing options you need


You can use text, add subtitles and even translate those subtitles, with VEED. Make sure your audience is always informed


Use stickers with your logo, upload images into your video, and add intro music, with VEED. Your news report videos will be broadcast-ready in no time

How to make News Videos:

Make your own News Video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Upload your videos, include photos and music, too. VEED works in your browser, so there’s no need for any software

2. Edit

You can edit amazing-looking news videos and news intro videos with VEED’s range of tools - crop, trim, rotate, resize, add text, stickers, subtitles, and more

3. Broadcast

Now you’re ready, just click ‘Download’ and you can broadcast your news video over any platform

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Why make a News Report video?

Read all about it! VEED makes news videos easy!


VEED is designed with you in mind. So our tools are easy to use. You’ll be making professional, tv-worthy news videos in a matter of minutes


You can include your logo as a sticker, to make sure your branding goes out with every news item

News travels fast

Not only do viral news videos travel fast, but with VEED you can resize your video to fit any platform - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more - with the click of a button

More than a News Video maker

Here’s a headline for you - VEED NUMBER ONE FOR VIDEO ONLINE. We don’t just make attention-grabbing news videos, we make all kinds of videos. Book trailers, Holiday videos, Instagram Stories, whatever you need. If you’re looking to make videos online, VEED is here to make your life easier

News Video Maker

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