Simple But Powerful Online Movie Maker

Everything you need to make movies online without eating away at your computer’s data storage. No credit card required.
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Simple But Powerful Online Movie Maker

Free Your Computer of Heavy Movie Maker Programs

No more space-consuming movie maker software stored on your desktop. VEED is an online video editor that turns your web browser into a movie maker.

Simple But Powerful Online Movie Maker
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Merge Videos

Have multiple clips you want to combine into one? You can merge videos in our movie maker online.

Add Subtitles

Cater to anyone watching with sound off, hard of hearing, or non-native speakers of the language your video is in. Our auto subtitle tool makes it quick and easy.

Add or Remove Audio

Remove audio with our movie maker and replace it with music or a voiceover over some B-roll clips.


Add filters, add text, music, effects and more with VEED’s online editor.

Simple to Use

No overwhelming learning curve. Enjoy a clean and easy-to-use movie maker interface. 

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Our team is one chat message away to help.

How To Use VEED’s Movie Maker

Make movies online in 3 simple steps

1. Upload Your Video

Upload the video you would like to edit. Add multiple clips to merge them into your movie.

2. Customise Your Video

Add text to video, images, shapes, subtitles, and more with our online movie maker tools panel.

3. Download, Share, and Promote

Click download and share your movie!

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How to Make Attention-Grabbing Movies

3 tips to make movies people will enjoy

The Best Movie Makers Map Out The Story

Before you can begin to edit, decide what the story is. Start with a rough idea. Just get it out of your head and refine it later.

Make The First Seconds Count

To get people to stop scrolling and watch your movie, you need something exciting, flashy, or intriguing to make them want to explore. Once you figure out what this will be, plug in the clips into VEED’s online movie maker.

Promote Your Movie

Use your network to get the word out. Read VEED’s blog for practical actionable tips on leveraging social media marketing for optimal results.

More Than Just an Online Movie Maker

From making your movie to creating promotional video content - you can do it all inside of VEED’s online video editor. Create podcast videos promoting your movie, edit a TikTok video teaser, add subtitles to an IGTV trailer of your movie, and so much more! Start creating videos for free today. No credit card required.

Simple But Powerful Online Movie Maker

Movie Maker Editing Suite

Try our full collection of tools for your movie making process

Add Subtitles to Video

You can add subtitles automatically with our auto generated subtitle tool, create subtitles manually and also via uploading a subtitle file.

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Add Filters to Video

Use powerful video filter presets to make beautiful videos online in seconds.

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Remove Audio

Remove and replace audio for B-roll in your movie.

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