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Do you want to turn your videos into professional-looking, perfectly formatted Facebook Ads? Want to use your Facebook page to promote products and your brand’s image, as well as provide information? With VEED’s online video editing suite, you can make Facebook Ads and much more. No need to download any software, you can get started right away

Facebook Ad Creator
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Facebook video Ad creator

You can make engaging, stylish, beautiful-looking Facebook Ads with VEED. Our website is so easy to use, no software needed


You can use Facebook Ads not only to promote your products and services, but also to push your brand’s unique image, logo, and style


Engage your audience with a “call to action” in your Facebook Ad. Provide a clear “next step” for viewers and followers to take

Grow business

Ultimately, you can use your Facebook Ad to grow business and drive the bottom line. At VEED, we understand the importance of generating CTRs

Catch their attention

A good Ad has got to be eye-catching! Use VEED’s suite of editing tools to get people’s attention with a professionally-finished Facebook Ad


Your Facebook page is an ambassador for your company. With VEED, you can make it sure it’s representing you as it should

How to make a Facebook Ad:

Make your own Facebook Ad in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Upload your clips to our super-fast, cloud-based servers. VEED is all online, so there’s no need to download any bulky software

2. Edit

VEED’s powerful video editing suite will allow you to crop, trim, add text, stickers, links, subtitles, and even subtitle translation! Our interface is so user-friendly, you’ll be an expert as soon as you start  

3. Download

Now you’re finished, click ‘Download’, and hey presto, your Facebook Ad is ready. What’s more, with a single click, you can resize it to fit any social media platform. Want to share it on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and more? That’s no problem, with VEED

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Why make a Facebook Ad?

Get your message out - promote products


Use your Facebook Ad to get more followers and likes. Widen your network, grow your business


Create brand recognition, by applying your logo as a ‘sticker’ to your Facebook Ad. Stickers are a great way to ensure people remember your brand’s unique image

Tell your story

You can use a Facebook video Ad not only to promote individual products and services, but to tell your followers about how and why your brand came to be

More than a Facebook Ad maker

Is that all you can do with VEED? Make Facebook Ads? No! At VEED we pride ourselves on being versatile, providing a tool for every use case. Whether you’re making a movie-style trailer, an explainer video, or intros & outros for your YouTube channel, we’ve got the tools for you. Go on, reach into our creative toolkit, see what you can pull out

Facebook Ad Creator

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