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Corporate Video Maker

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Do you need to make a professional internal comms video, or a video that tells the story of your corporation? VEED’s powerful suite of online video editing tools will allow you to create the corporate videos you need, with no need to hire outside help. Our tools are designed to be easy to use. All online. No account required

Corporate Video Maker
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Professional Video Creator

With VEED you can make professional-looking videos in just a few clicks. Upload your video to get started, no software needed

Make Corporate Video Presentations

Not only can you make corporate videos, but also corporate video presentations. Include photos, slides, text, to make your video presentation impress


You can create great internal comms videos with VEED. You can add text, add your own font, even annotate your videos. It’s easy, with VEED

Your story

With VEED, it’s easy to create an original, personal video detailing the history of your company. Try it out. All online, you can do it from your browser


Add an intro or outro to your video, add text, stickers with your company logo, and more. You’ll always be on-brand, with VEED’s video editing software

Social media

With a single click you can resize your corporate video to fit any social media platform - YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and more

How to use our corporate video maker:

Make your own corporate video in 3 easy steps

1. Upload

Drag and drop your videos into VEED. There’s no software to download so you can get started right away

2. Edit

You can use VEED’s powerful rande of editing tools to make your corporate video stand out. You can even add and translate subtitles, so your videos are accessible to all

3. Download

Just click ‘Download’, and your video will render in seconds. That’s it. Your video journey is complete

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Why create a corporate video?

Communication, communication, communication!


VEED allows you to make your corporate videos more engaging. Include audio, sound effects, text, links, annotations, and so much more!


You can add filters to give your video that professional finish. Include an intro and outro, or end credits, so your video lines up with your company’s image


Whether making a video presentation, or telling the story of your company’s origin, ensure your corporate video is informative, detailed, and clear

More than a corporate video maker

At VEED, we don’t just support corporates in making their videos. We support individuals, influencers, coaches, YouTubers, and more. You can make any kind of video, with VEED. Check out some of our links below, to see how else VEED can be of use to you

Corporate Video Maker

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