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Want to convert your WAV audio to another format? Worry not, VEED can convert your WMA files to new formats in only a few clicks. Convert WMA files to MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG, FLAC and many more. It’s an incredibly simple tool that you can use straight from your browser. You don’t need to download any software. To make things even easier, it’s free to use and requires no signup!

Edit Audio - Prefer to edit your WMA file first? Luckily, VEED is more than just a WMA converter. Open our WMA editor, detailed below, to cut, trim and edit your WMA.

How to Convert WMA Files


Select a file format

Click on the first box and select WMA as the file format then click on the box next to it and select your desired audio format.



Click on ‘Choose File’ and select your WMA file from your folders. You can also drag and drop the file into the box. Click on ‘Convert File’.



Click on the Download button and the audio will be saved to your device in your preferred format.

How to Convert WMA Files

‘WMA Converter’ Tutorial

‘WMA Converter’ Tutorial

100+ possible file conversions

With VEED’s audio converter, over 100 two-way conversions are possible! Simply select the original file type of your audio and choose your desired audio format. Upload your audio and click Convert. This includes video file formats if you wish to work with both audio and video.

Free & online WMA converter

VEED’s WMA audio converter works straight from your browser. Upload WMA from your files, convert online using VEED and export in a matter of seconds. Compatible with all major operating systems - Mac, iOS, Android and Windows - and accompanying browsers like Safari, Chrome and Edge.

Remove background noise in one click

VEED is one of the only WMA converters to include a background noise remover. File conversions are just the beginning. To remove background noise, click ‘Edit Video’ (and leave the converter) and hit ‘Settings’. Upgrade to PRO to use the automatic background noise remover.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Select your WMA and upload it to VEED 2. Choose your desired format from the dropdown and click Convert 3. Export and share
No, Windows Media Player cannot convert WMA files to other formats, or other formats to WMA. But worry not, VEED can do that for you, and so much more!
Although MP4 files are for video, you can still convert WMA to MP4 using VEED. On top of your audio file, just upload a video file (in any format) to the editor. For this, you must open the editor and leave the converter. Click the ‘Edit Video’ button below the file to open VEED’s editor.
VEED is a great choice for a WMA converter because it is free, easy to use and converts between so many different formats. You can’t possibly go wrong!

More than an WMA Converter

VEED not only lets you convert your WMA files to other audio formats but also lets you edit your audio and video files without leaving your browser. Your all-in-one creative studio for anything audio, video or file format related. It’s fast, simple and easy to use. No sign up or subscription needed.

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More than an WMA Converter