How brands are using product videos to get you closer to the product

How are brands shifting gears to tackle the 11.5 Billion growth in online spending? With the UK being the second in Europe for making online purchases, it should come as no surprise that staple brands like Marks and Spencers, among many others, have announced store closures throughout the country. Despite occupying only 18% of the market, online retail has significant growth and its impacts are rippling across high street, dictating 5,855 store closures in 2017 alone.

87% of online marketers now use video content to promote their products, yet marketing isn't the only use for video content. With so many consumers heading online to shop, product videos are great for the consumer to understand a product without taking a trip to the high street. Adidas' incorporation of a product video featuring their stunning Deerupt Runner shoes has been a fantastic addition to their already elegant site. The video is a testament to their infamous slogan ‘impossible is nothing’, as the well-directed video allows the user to almost virtually feel the long-lasting elastic quality of the rubber used to create each of the brand's shoes when the models stretch his heels to demonstrate their functionality. Creating a virtual try-on effect is key for today's growing online retail space to engage customers to buy online. The video is clean, to the point and is landscaped - to focus on their product only. Check them out:

Nelly gives you a cool transition between traditional pictures to the ever-growing video content marketing. Nelly has a standout take on the product video! Their product video is enormously innovative, offering a fusion of still pictures coupled together to create a video-like appearance. This is a fantastic twist on product videos as it utilises the benefits of stationary pictures, that allows the user to pause and absorb the finer details of the product in angles and areas that are most relevant to each individual. In parallel, the video-like frequency dictated by the cursor gives the consumer agency as it allows you to be in control of your shopping experience! It is important to recognise that Video content has the highest ROI (Return on investment), though it can also be daunting to switch to videos only, Nelly has been clever and we are here for it! Gone, are the days of squinting at pictures of models in unbelievably uncomfortable poses! Check them out:

Knowing your audience is key to online engagement. Missguided has openly admitted that the brand is aimed at females between 16-24 which accounts for 12% of the population. This section of the population is part of the Facebook generation, we found our that on Facebook, 85% of their videos are watched without any sound. Missguided capitalises on this trend by posting energetic product videos which feature an almost invisible background, giving a fantastic interactive view of the product without restrictions as the model looks like she’s performing on the website itself. The product is paired with casual, in-style, jewellery and shoes which makes the video relatable to their millennial-dominated target audience. The product video is inclusive of its brand style and its customers, making this product video a positive newcomer to their website which elevates customer experiences and consequently customer relationship, something that is often missing when shopping online. The videos aspect ration suggests that they are thinking about the experience of mobile views. Check them out:

X marks the spot! Many brands in the fast fashion industry target millennials, however, neglect of Generation X is a big mistake as they have a higher income and therefore larger spending power. For net-a-porter who targets the 30's market in the luxury fashion world, it is important that they adapt their online marketing methods to provide a luxury experience. Previously, brands have used 'experiential retailing' - this included in-store music, food, product play etc - however, as online retail grows, Net-a-Porter has produced an online luxury experience by including high-quality engaging product videos! Net-A-Porters use of a white panelled background adds quality and style to their production. The white background flawlessly shows off the quality of the product - a key element with high price luxury products. The product video zooms in on the item giving you a better understanding of the details of the product. All done while the model is comfortably moving to allow the customer to see the way the product breathes when worn. This is a worthwhile addition to Net-A-Porter and has the potential to make a significant difference in buying decision for the luxury items which require a little extra attention! Check them out:

Every brand, no matter how successfull has competitors. The fact is the larger your brand, the stronger its' competitors. Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch and Diesel, are only some of household named brands that superdry competes with. So how do you differentiate? How do you compete? How do you do it all, Online?

A study in Yale University concluded that it took 5 five star reviews to offset 1 one star review. What this tells us is people value and rely on consistency. If a brand consistently produces high-quality engagement online by staying on top of trends - in this case, fashion product videos, the next big thing - they assure quality consistency! And Superdry's’ new video added to their product view space is anything but dry! The video is effortlessly clean and to the point. The best feature used in their product video is the hover tool used to navigate the video. The hover tool allows you to opt in and out of the video by simply hovering over the video icon, rather than bickering over the pause and play button. Definitely a 21st-century addition to their site, which will appeal to their dynamic forward thinking audience that appreciates style and innovation! Check them out:

For those wondering how to get a larger slice of the online retailing market, try some of our product video tactics mentioned in this article. Check us out at to learn how we can help you make product videos.

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