They say "an image is worth a thousand words" if that's true, a video is worth millions. Short online video ads have become the new normal, they are more engaging that image ads, get better click rates and are more fun.

But the problem is, creating short-form is challenging. You often need a fast laptop and complex software just to get the basics edits done. With VEED, you can edit videos online in a simple, yet powerful online video editor. I this tutorial, I am going to quickly show you how to make a simple video ad online.

1. Upload your video to VEED

Go to and click upload and choose your footage, or if you just want to try it out click "try a sample". We currently only support .MP4 files but will be adding more file support soon.

video ads with veed

2. Crop you video

I want to post this as an Instagram story ad. Terefore I am going to crop my video to full portrait (16:9 aspect ration) I like making Instagram story ads because they use all the visual real estate on the phone. If you don't want to make a vertical video, we also have a load of other presets. To find out more check out our page about video cropping online.

video ads with veed

3. Get Creative

Now all we need to do is add our messaging and the company logo. To add our logo, just click on stickers and then click custom. This will then prop you to upload your logo. I am also going to add a hashtag with the text tool and also a call to action.

video ads with veed

4. Download Video

You can also use other tools such as crop videos, trim videos, draw on videos, add text to videos, add stickers, add image and filter videos so get creative! Once you are happy with your video, just click download and you we will start preparing your video for download.

video ads with veed

And we are done! Hopefully, in this quick tutorial, you have now learnt how to make video ads online with VEED. With our online video editor, you can also make lots of other great video content like facebook videos and twitter videos. As always, we would love to get your feedback and feature requests. Just drop us a an email at