We are Tim and Sabba, The co-founders of VEED. We are both creative developers based in London, building a simple yet powerful video editing platform. For some strange reason, we quit our jobs and invested our life savings into building VEED. We did this because sometimes you need to follow your dreams and start your own startup.

Sabba 28 (Left) and Tim 27 (Right)

Why we are building VEED?

The idea for VEED came from being frustrated working with complex and time-consuming editing software. After spending thousands of hours editing videos with complicated programs, we realised that for many editing tasks the current solution where overkill. We need a simple yet powerful online video editor.

How are you finding it?

To date, VEED is self funded. At that start we put all our savings in a pot and started building. When we run out of money pretty quickly, living and working in London is expensive. We then went back to work saved up again and now we are back on VEED full time!

We started charging users early June 2019 and we currently make £250 in MRR (18th June 2019) Not enough to live on, but a great start! Over the coming months we hope that VEED will be able to pay our server costs, our team and ourselves a basic wage.

With this blog, we plan to document our journey, our lessons learnt and findings along the way. We would love you to keep in touch, feed free to drop us an email or join our mailing list!

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