👋 Hello

We are Tim and Sabba, The co-founders of VEED. We are two creative developers based in London, building a next-generation video editing platform.

Why we are building VEED

The idea for VEED came from being frustrated working with complex and time-consuming editing software. After spending thousands of hours editing videos in complicated programs, we realised that for many editing tasks all the current solution where overkill.

Both with backgrounds in computer vision and interactive technology, We thought that if a video editing platform could understand that footage we were working with, we could collaborate much more effectively.

Therefore we have set out to build a smart video editing platform that too is able to produce quality videos in a fraction of the time.

With this blog we plan to document our journey, our lessons learnt and findings along the way. We hope you will join us for the ride.

Why veed.io ?

We started out making a tool to create social media content for your news feed. So we combined the name VIDEO and FEED and came up with VEED. Also, with the domain name.IO it sounds like VIDEO. Below is a calculation that example the thinking.



Veed Studio is an smart video editing & hosting platform, built for fashion & e-commerces.
Made with ❤️ in LONDON