VEED at London Tech Week!

VEED Studio at Tech Week!

Jumping from conference to conference for VEED this month! We started by attending Dubai's conference for Arab Luxury World. This week we were invted to display our work at the opening of London Tech Week hosted by the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

VEED Interview

As always, everything worked perfectly until 10 minutes before the doors opened, luckly, we fixed it seconds before the event opened. We talked with a variety of individuals; from students and professionals to investors. For me, the highlights of the event included meeting Cindy Rose - CEO of Microsoft UK - (she is dam cool) and also being invited to pitch at an AI conferenece in Shanghai this September! It was also pretty funny to get on Chinas main newschannel!

VEED Interview

VEED Interview

Sabba Keynejad

Co founder of VEED


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